mercoledì 15 maggio 2019

The best moments of Eurovision 2019 First Semi-Final  

    Like everyone knows, yesterday started the first semi-final of the biggest music festival ever, Eurovision Song Contest 2019 hosted in Tel Aviv, Israel. The show was opened by the Israeli singer Netta, the Eurovision 2018 Winner, singing her song "TOY".
The special moment but also touching moment was the presentation of Netta with a short video of her story since was a little girl who saw in 1998 that an Israeli singer but also the first transgender won the Eurovision for the first time representing Israel, since then she wanted to become a singer like Dana International and to win Eurovision, and last year the dream has become reality.


   Another great moment was the performance of Australia represented by Kate Miller-Heidke with the song "Zero Gravity". Like you can see in the video, the stage effects were amazing.

   The performance which let us shocked was the Hatari's song, representing Iceland with some metal-rock influence, but this never stopped them to qualify for the Eurovision Grand Final next Saturday.

   But I think that the best moment of last night was the performance of Dana International (The Winner of Eurovision 1998) who sang a cover of Bruno Mars entitled "Just The Way You Are" for sending a important message to the world that the Love is No Religion, Love is No Race, Love is Love and that everyone need to be loved no matter their sexual orientation. In the video you can see also the idea of kiss cam where hetero & gay couples were kissing. I was almost crying seeing so much love there, I must to thank to Dana for everything she done for lgbtq community :) 

   If you had others favorite moments, feel free to let a comment at this post! 
      Happy Eurovision Week!


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